Nasi McD Malaysia New Menu 2018: Real Experience and Review


We know you love rice and no meal is complete without it! Introducing the NEW Nasi McD – aromatic, cooked to perfection and always appetising. Even more satisfying when enjoyed with the crunch of our famous Ayam Goreng McD™, special sambal, hard boiled egg, and fresh lettuce.

With the new Nasi McD, you can now get a satisfying rice fix at your favourite McDonald’s® restaurant.


The Nasi McD comes with three set variations, Set A – Nasi McD with egg, Set B – Nasi McD with chicken Ayam Goreng McD and Set C – Nasi McD with both egg and fried chicken.

The price for the Nasi McD set is RM5.95, RM10.95 and RM12.95 respectively.


Initially, I thought it would be served on a big plate just like it is on the big menu, but it is not. Maybe it is different in other McD stores, I’m not sure about it.


Set C Nasi McD comprises of the butter rice, fresh lettuce, crispy McD fried chicken, two slices of hard-boiled eggs, and special “sambal” chilli paste.

The first taste on the rice clear my doubt, I thought it would be “Nasi Lemak” because of the latest viral Nasi Lemak Burger from McD.

It is just butter rice, not the coconut milk rice “Nasi Lemak”.

Then, I tried the chilli paste. I thought it would be the awesome chilli paste in the Nasi Lemak Burger, but it is slightly different. I prefer the chilli paste from the McD Nasi Lemak Burger.

In my opinion, the added rice menu in McD could help to satisfy the crave of rice of a typical “Asia people” like me. However, if you were to let me choose between a normal roasted chicken rice and the Nasi McD, I would not pick Nasi McD.

Overall, I would rate the Nasi McD 3 out of 10, not very impressive.

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Overall ratings: 5/5