Original Cake: BUY 1 GET 1 Free ‘Chicken Floss Cake’ Promotion


<Share Joy Wednesday> Can’t wait to know what’s the selected cake flavour for our *Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion for this coming Wednesday- 14 March 2018?

We’ll have *Buy 1 Get 1 Free promo for the new launch- ‘Chicken Floss Cake’. Purchase and get an Original Cake for Free. You don’t wanna miss out this deal! Don’t doubt, what you read now is true! Just need to complete the 3 Simple steps below to get your Free cake.

Step 1: Take a photo in front of our outlet, the photo needs to have any <源味本铺Original Cake> related elements. Example: Logo, cake, box, etc…
Step 2: Upload the photo to your Facebook profile and Check In “源味本铺 Original Cake”
Step 3: Show the uploaded post to our Cashier.

*This promotion is only valid at all our outlets in West Malaysia.
*Terms & condition apply. While stocks last.
*Customer needs to complete the 3 steps above to entitled to get an Original flavor cake for Free.
*Promotion is limit to every Wednesday in March.
The promo cake flavor is different for every Wednesday, follow our page to check out the promo for every Wednesday.

<Share Joy Wednesday> 迫不及待想知道这个星期三(14 March 2018) *买一送一优惠是什么指定口味的蛋糕吗?! 这一次我们真的豁出去了! 购买我们即将在14 March 2018 最新推出的“鸡丝蛋糕” *就送 “原味蛋糕”。千真万确,千万别错过。。

步骤 1: 在我们的分店前拍一张任何有关<源味本铺Original Cake>的照片。 例如:招牌,蛋糕,盒子,店面, 等等。。。
步骤 2: 上载到Facebook及签到“源味本铺 Original Cake” 
步骤 3: 请展示您上载的帖子让我们前台的员工查看。


For more information, visit Original Cake Facebook Page.

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