Petronas FREE Cash, Phones & Discount Vouchers Giveaways

petronas-free-cash-discount-voucher-giveawayGo to participating Petronas stations and perform any of the purchases stated below on 5th December 2017 to 28th February 2018 and get yourself mystery vouchers from our partners.

Limited to only 4 vouchers for every transaction.

Hurry up, while stock last!

Free vouchers include RM5000 cash, mobile phones, Zalora,  Lazada, McDonald’s. Tealive, Rotiboy, Kenny Roger Roasters, Starbucks, DiGi, Grab, Burger King, Subway, KFC and much more!


When does of the campaign start?
Starting 5th December 2017 to 28th February 2018, whilst stocks last.

Are all stations participating in this campaign?
Yes, all stations are participating in the campaign.

Is there an age limit to enter the promotion?
Promotion is limited to customer above 18 years and above only.

How can customers get the voucher?
By purchase of RM 20 PETRONAS Primax, or Mesra Monthly Promotion Items or PETRONAS Syntium 4L. Limited to 4 vouchers per transaction for fuel. Mesra Monthly Promotion products and PETRONAS Syntium purchases are limited to 1 voucher per transaction.

If the customer fills up RM 100 of PETRONAS Primax, how many vouchers are they entitled to receive?
Four (4) vouchers. For every RM 20 they are entitled to get 1 voucher, however, limited to only 4 vouchers for each transaction; i.e.
RM 20 PETRONAS PRIMAX: 1 voucher
RM 40 PETRONAS PRIMAX: 2 vouchers
RM 60 PETRONAS PRIMAX: 3 vouchers
RM 80 PETRONAS PRIMAX: 4 vouchers
RM 100 PETRONAS PRIMAX: 4 vouchers

If customers fill up RM 20 of Diesel, how many vouchers are they entitled to receive?
None, promotion is limited to PETRONAS Primax only.

How do customers redeem the voucher?
Instructions to redeem are at the back of the voucher. Voucher can be redeemed at PETRONAS stations or its partner outlets depending on offer. Each voucher presented has to be attached with valid receipts from PETRONAS stations dated 5th December to 28th February 2018.Further information can be found on campaign terms and conditions on

Do all vouchers expire on 28th February 2018?
No, the validity of each voucher is stated on the voucher.

How many times can vouchers be used?
Voucher is for one-time use only. Voucher has to be presented upon redemption at outlets, and outlets will keep the vouchers that have been redeemed.

What are terms for the vouchers?
Valid in Malaysia only
Not redeemable with other offers/promotion
Voucher has to be presented with valid PETRONAS Station receipts date 5/12/2017 till 28/2/2018.
Voucher is not exchangeable for cash.

If the customer wins voucher with cash, free phone, free lubricant or free shoes prize, what does customer have to do?
The customer has to call Mesralink, provide voucher code and answer a maximum of three questions asked correctly. Customer will be contacted by campaign agency for prize fulfilment. Customer needs to provide physical voucher and receipt to the agency by 15th March 2018 in order to claim the prize. Agency will fulfil the prize to customer 14 days upon receiving confirmation from the customer.

What is the type of phone that can be requested?
Phone model has to be available in Malaysia and capped at RM 5,000 in value. The customer is not allowed to dictate place/outlet/store phone is purchased.

Where can customers use the PETRONAS voucher & Mornings @ Mesra vouchers?
PETRONAS vouchers can be used at any stations with Kedai Mesra outlets
PETRONAS vouchers can be used with all Kedai Mesra purchases except for cigarettes, e-Pay top up & Touch N Go reload.
Mornings @ Mesra vouchers can only be used for RM 5 breakfast combos at participating Mornings @ Mesra stations.

Can customer earn Mesra points for a transaction using PETRONAS, Mornings @ Mesra and Lubricant discount voucher?
No, the customer will not earn any Mesra points for the entire transaction made with voucher redemption.
Transaction amount: RM 20 PETRONAS Primax
Voucher amount: RM 5 PETRONAS Primax
Amount Paid: RM 15
Mesra Points : 0

Are customers entitled for multiple transactions made at the station?
Customers are entitled to receive vouchers for multiple transactions as long as transaction amount is RM 20 PETRONAS Primax, Mesra monthly promotion products or PETRONAS Syntium 4L. Limited to 4 vouchers per transaction.

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