Pimple Popping Toy (Stop Picking Your Face!)

Pimple Popping Toy (Stop Picking Your Face!)


Satisfy your quirky and gross obsession without resorting to unhygienic acts by grabbing a hold of this pimple popping toy. This unique and eerily satisfying toy comes with 15 plump and juicy whiteheads that are ripe for picking!

Buy the Pop it Pal Peach Pimple Popping Toy HERE!

  • Do you often feel over-stressed, worried or perhaps thinking incessantly?
  • Would you like to calm down and relax in seconds, so that you can focus on the task at hand?
  • Pop it Pal is a little gadget that allows people to pop fake pimples.
  • The all natural pimple pus and skin safe silicone pad is completely safe.
  • The novelty item comes in two colours, and the reusable pimple pus and refillable pad (with the help of the refill tool provided) ensure the fun never ends.

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