🎊隔别了4年,RM9任吃又卷土重来! 📌Kampung Durian – 300位(6pm开始) 📌D13、D101、D10、D18 RM20/pax (500位, 6pm开始) 从02/07/18至05/07/18,只限4天! 🎊It has been 4 years ago, now RM9 buffet is back! 📌Kampung Durian – 300pax (Start from 6pm) 📌D13、D101、D10、D18 RM20/pax (500pax, start from 6pm) From 2 – 5 July 2018,only valid for 4 days! For more information, visit Durian SS2Read More →


Durian SS2 have been promoting their Buka Puasa Offer for the past two days from 16-18 May 2018. Only for today! 18/05/2018 💯Durian Buffet 🗯D10, D13, D101, D7, susu 👉🏻 RM20/pax😋 💡Durian buffet start from 6pm🕕, only available for 400pax😋 🇲🇾榴莲任吃 🗯D10, D13, D101, D7, susu 👉🏻 RM20/pax😋 💡🕕6pm才开始有榴莲任吃, 只供400人而已😋 📌17/05/18 Durian Buffet ✔D10,Read More →