Smartlink Group Formed


Smartlink Group (SML) is a group of companies that have combined individual expertise and optimized shared resources to better serve our clientele base as a contract manufacturer. We’ve merged our skills in electrical/mechanical assembly services, professional tooling, fabrication of engineering components, precision machining and other manufacturing services. Together we believe we are able to expand our service offerings in providing a more comprehensive contract manufacturing solution in the industries that we serve.

Moving forward, SML plans to set up a new plant to gather the three companies on one site. This would enable us to collaborate more effectively. Currently, we pride ourselves in being flexible by adapting to customers’ requirements in any condition or situation. The next challenge is to bring SML to the next level by competing locally and internationally with other contract manufacturers in terms of pricing, quality, delivery lead time and flexibility.

Company Background

Smartlink Group was initially formed to provide a one-stop solution center to our customer in China. Since Smartlink Engineering provides mechanical & electrical assembly services, it would have competitive edge if they can provide machining of parts as well. By having a vision as a ‘One-Stop Solution Center‘ to customers, it needed to engage machining experts to be partners. That was when IGT and LAE came in as joint venture with Smartlink Engineering.

These 3 companies formed Smartlink Holding in December of 2017. The purpose of forming SML was to fulfill the needs of all stakeholders including suppliers, customers, employees and employers. Besides being a ‘One-Stop Solution Center’, SML hopes to develop company capabilities to sustain outstanding results which in turn will create a sustainable future. In order to meet all expectations, we intend to lead with integrity, inspired by our vision through maximizing the talent of our people.

Core Business

Our core business has grown, as a result of the joint venture, to include more areas of engineering services to cater to our top clients such as those in the semiconductor, electronics, oil & gas, automation, tobacco, industrial printer and automotive industries. Our main range of expertise are:


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