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Sydney Itinerary Summary

  • Day 1: Airport – Georgestreet Hotel – Chinatown – Darling Harbour
  • Day 2: Bondi Beach – Sydney Opera House
  • Day 3: Hyde Park – Anzac war memorial – St Mary’s Cathedral
  • Day 4: Katoomba – Echo Point (Three Sisters) – Circular Quay
  • Day 5: Taronga Zoo – Ferry Cruise

Sydney Itinerary: Day 1

We arrived at Sydney Airport Terminal 1 in the morning after the midnight flight from Kuala Lumpur. To purchase a local sim card, after exiting the baggage claim area, please turn right. There are Optus and Vodafone available. We chose Optus prepaid card: minimum $10 with $2 (500MB) per day. The maximum daily limit is $4 (1 GB). If you have airbnb booking, you will get free extra $2. Opposite Optus booth, there is a convenience store – WHSmith which you can buy pre-loaded OPAL card ($35 minimum).

A station access fee of $13.80 will be charged when you tap on/off at both Sydney domestic and international airport. Therefore, in order to save money, travel by bus to the city will be preferred. The bus stop is located on the right-hand side when you exit the airport. It cost only $2.15 to travel via bus 400 to the nearest train station (Mascot station) and the journey took less than half an hour.

From Mascot station, we took the train to Museum station where Georgestreet hotel is located. By doing so, we paid $4.59 per person instead of $16.81 if we have travelled using a train from the airport.

We booked the room from Agoda at the price of RM340 per night. Click here to view the room in Agoda.


After check-in, we walked around Chinatown, Paddy’s market, Market City. You may find souvenirs at a cheaper price here (more than 50% cheaper compared to other shops in Sydney). After that, we walked to the rocks to enjoy the nice view of Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Besides, it is highly recommended to try the food and dessert at the restaurant here – “Pancakes on the Rocks”.




Sydney Itinerary: Day 2

We took a bus near museum train station to go to Bondi beach. We used to navigate our way. It shows the fare calculation as well as the next bus/train going to the destination.


The view at Bondi beach is amazing. There’s a restaurant called Bondi Icebergs Club where you can enjoy the view while having your meals.



From Bondi beach, we took a bus to circular quay and walked to the famous Opera House.


Sydney Itinerary: Day 3

We spent the day walking around Hyde Park (Anzac War Memorial, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Australian Museum, Art Gallery of NSW).



Sydney Itinerary: Day 4

Today, we planned to visit the famous Blue Mountains. It is a rainy day but we decided to take the risk as we have purchased the tickets to visit the zoo the next day. So, we won’t be having enough time to go to Blue mountains again after the zoo. From Central station, we took a 2 hours ++ train ride to Katoomba station and from there, we took a bus to echo point (the lookout spot for three sisters).


Supposed to see the beautiful scenery as on the pictures above, but due to the mist, we can’t see anything at all. So it is important to check the weather forecast before making the trip to here.



Sydney Itinerary: Day 5

It’s a Sunday! Important money saving tips: Daily cap for Sunday using OPAL card is $2.60. Therefore, you can go wherever you want and as many times as you want using the public transport at $2.60 only. This includes the train, the ferry and the bus. We decided to go to Taronga Zoo because the cost for one-way ferry ride is already $5.88. From Circular Quay, we took the ferry to Taronga Zoo wharf (F2 Taronga Zoo) and from there, we took a bus which brings us straight to the zoo entrance. Instead of queue-up at the ticketing booth to buy the tickets, we walked straight to the entrance as we have pre-booked our ticket on klook (33% cheaper!). Get your tickets here!


Since our OPAL card has reached the maximum capping of $2.60, we decided to take the ferry from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour (F4 Barangaroo line). We disembark at Pyrmont Bay which is near to the famous restaurant Hurricane Grills. Their dessert is amazing. We ordered Vanilla Ice-cream with hot chocolate sauce.


After dinner, we took the ferry again from Pyrmont Bay back to Circular Quay. It is a MUST to take the ferry cruise at night to enjoy the cool breeze and night scene. And the best part is you are paying much lesser than the guided cruise. Each ferry ride will cost around $5.88 and we only paid $2.60 as it is Sunday!



This wrapped up our budget trip to Sydney. Sydney is a city that we fall in love with the minute we see it. The weather is very nice (early November) and it is very easy to travel around as the public transport is very convenient. Some may think that it will be very expensive to travel in Sydney. However, if you do your homework beforehand, you will be able to travel within an affordable budget.

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