The NoPhone Air (Revolutionary 0GB Storage, Lightweight & Expensive!)

The NoPhone Air (Revolutionary 0GB Storage, Lightweight & Expensive!)


Cure your smartphone addiction by upgrading your expensive phone to the NoPhone Air. This cost-efficient model comes with an impressive 0 GB storage capacity and an impossibly thin, lightweight design that makes it feel as though you’re not even holding a phone!

The NoPhone Air only cost $6


Introducing the NoPhone Air, the first NoPhone that is no phone at all.

When you open the NoPhone Air packaging, it looks like there is nothing inside.

With absolutely no features, the NoPhone Air feels nothing in your hand. It’s a completely distraction-free device in frustration-free packaging.

The NoPhone Air is the perfect gift for people who need no phone. Now everyone can put down their real phones, pick up the NoPhone Air and enjoy real life.

“We took away the headphone jack
and then we took away everything else.”


Why does NoPhone exist?

Aside from numerous innovative contributions to the field of mobile communication, smartphones have inadvertently programmed a compulsory need in humans to continuously engage in physical contact with a piece of plastic. On average, a single device will use its technological wizardry to summon a user 150 times a day. This constant, near uncontrollable impulse for contact with mobile devices has noticeably diminished human-to-human interactions.

The NoPhone was created to combat the rapid decline of real-life social engagement that has stemmed from chronic smartphone use. It’s sleek, plastic design serves as an idle hand’s security blanket and is devised to alleviate the constant need humans have to hold a mobile device without preventing users from fully experiencing their immediate surroundings.

The NoPhone was created by Van Gould, Ingmar Larsen, Chris Sheldon and Ben Langeveld.

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