Top 4 Hacks to Redeem your Starbucks Planner 2018 in Malaysia

how to get starbucks planner malaysiaIt’s that time of the year again, people are lining up to get their coffee and collect their stickers for their annual planners! Of course, we’re talking about the Starbucks Planner 2018 season in Malaysia, oh and yes it’s Christmas too! But why do people buzz over these planners anyway? Is it because of the good design of each notebook? Or maybe everyone is just eager to plan out their life on that specific piece of paper. Whatever the reason may be, we know that purchasing 15 Grande with your Starbucks Card, especially for those who do not order Starbucks every day, can be quite a challenge. Thus, we are sharing some hacks on how you can speed up the process while spending less all at the same time!

Here are our Top 4 Starbucks Planner Redemption Speed-Up Tips

Tips #1: Order Taker

Volunteer to get coffee for your workmates or your boss! This task may require you to carry and balance a lot of hot beverage and not spill them while you’re walking.

Tips #2: Bring Your Friends And Family

Ask your friends to go to Starbucks to have snacks or desserts! Not all of your friends or family will have a Starbucks Card. Take advantage of the fact that they will be buying drinks, in this case, they will pay you cash while you will be using your Starbucks Card to buy for them.

Tips #3: Look Out for Opportunities

This may seem weird, but be extra diligent, and have ears and eyes for anyone taking their order but not using a Starbucks Card. Kindly let the person know that you’re collecting the 15 Grande points for and you really want that planner (yes, you need it!). Let’s face it, as much as we love the planner not everyone’s into it and that’s a good thing. Take advantage of situations like this and you’ll be reaching your goal in no time.

Tips #4: Coffee Shop Dates

Instead of getting ice cream for dessert go to Starbucks and have a Grande instead! This way you get to hit two birds with one stone, go out with your girlfriend/boyfriend and keep collecting Grande points for your planner! It doesn’t have to be your partner, you can ask your grandparents/parents on a coffee date, and have quality time over coffee, and of course, the planner!

Key Takeaway

Most of the people during Christmas season line up to get their 15 Grande = Starbucks Planner game on but definitely not everyone, just be ready and always be on the lookout to get those opportunities to buy people a drink! Share this with a friend who would need help to get his/her first Starbucks Planner. For more information about Starbucks’ planner be sure to check out their website.

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