Touch ‘n Go Stick Makes Our Tolls’ Life Easier (Can You Reach It?)

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What is a Touch ‘n Go Stick?

You probably realize that the new Myvi 2018 has a built-in integrated Touch ‘n Go card reader. Of course, it is not logical to change your car for the sake of getting the built-in Touch ‘n Go slot reader.

Here is the solution:

A Flyswatter (A Fly killing device) + Card holder = Touch ‘n Go Stick

  • Extremely easy to use (Just Plug & Tap)
  • Prevent Touch ‘n Go card falling during tapping
  • Good plastic material and flexible
  • Equipped with standard-sized Touch ‘n Go card holder
  • Prevent lost card & easy to store
  • Not worrying while paying toll during rainy days
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Apakah itu Touch ‘n Go Stick?

  • Kegunaan semudah ABC (Just Plug & Tap)
  • Kad tidak akan jatuh semasa tapping
  • material plastic tahan lasak, boleh dilentur & tidak mudah patah
  • Dilengkapi dengan holder bersaiz kad standard- Touch ‘n Go
  • Tiada lagi situasi kad hilang & mudah untuk disimpan
  • Tidak basah saat membayar tol semasa hujan
  • Tidak mudah jatuh
  • Diperakui memudahkan penguna tol

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