YORK® R410A 1.0HP Wall Split Air Conditioner Review: Price and Ratings

York R410a ReviewThis is a review article on York R410A Wall Split Air Conditioner, including its ratings, technology and features, prices and where to buy in Malaysia.

The air conditioner (often referred to as air con, AC, A.C., or A/C) is popular in hot countries, including my beloved country, Malaysia. No one would like to be in a mall without air con, as well as your house. So, if you want more visitors to your house, make sure you equip your house with an air con.

So, what is the best air con in Malaysia? Technology has developed tremendously over the years. Lots of improvement and functions being added into the air con. The AC is not simply a cooling machine anymore but has been built with health consciousness. With the leap in AC technology, it can be very efficient in terms of energy saving. In another word, it will help you save money on your electrical bills too.

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York R410A Wall Split Air Conditioner

Today, we are going to introduce a branded air con that meets all those great features. It is the famous York (R410A) YSL3F10AAS/YWM3F10CAS 1.0HP Wall Split Air Conditioner, one of the best air conditioners in Malaysia. The York 410A is equipped with great features, providing homeowners with more benefits than ever. It cools the air in your house silently and rapidly, at the same time, provides clean air for you and your family.


Youk R410A Technology and Features

♠ Comfort at Home with York

Get the perfect good night’s sleep and comfortable indoor environment with the York (R410A) YSL3F10AAS/YWM3F10CAS Wall Split Air Conditioner. Temperature is heating up every day and we are huffing and puffing under the effects of global warming. There is no need to forgo the comfortable environment with the York (R410A) YSL3F10AAS/YWM3F10CAS Wall Split Air Conditioner as it helps to keep the temperature tolerable and comfortable.

♠ Silent Worker with High Efficiency

The York (R410A) YSL3F10AAS/YWM3F10CAS Wall Split Air Conditioner comes with the unique technology to offer higher efficiency compared to other air conditioners in the market. The technology works together with a built-in healthy ionizer to allow you and your family to enjoy clean air. The York (R410A) YSL3F10AAS/YWM3F10CAS Wall Split Air Conditioner works silently while preserving the peace that you deserve especially after a long day. The air conditioner offers features such as comfortable sleep, auto-swing and 24h-timer just for your convenience.

♠ Environmental-Friendly and Slimmer Build

The York (R410A) YSL3F10AAS/YWM3F10CAS Wall Split Air Conditioner is a very environmental-friendly refrigerant. With a much less bulky design, the York (R410A) YSL3F10AAS/YWM3F10CAS Wall Split Air Conditioner will save on space and cause less harm to the environment. The rapid cooling system with 4-speed fan design helps you receive effective cooling for everyone. The York (R410A)

YSL3F10AAS/YWM3F10CAS Wall Split Air Conditioner is an efficient machine which makes for easy cleaning and maintaining as it is self-cleaning, anti-mould and anti-bacterial.

York R410A Price and Where to Buy

Source: Lazada, Brand: York

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  • FREE Shipping and Delivery fulfilled by Lazada
  • Limited time offer: RM 600 DISCOUNT
  • 14 days easy return
  • 1 Year Local Manufacturer Warranty
  • 5 Years Compressor Warranty (outdoor unit)

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  • Only RM 699.00 ( RM 1,299.00 )
  • You save 46%
  • Up to 6 months
  • As low as RM 116.50 per month

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York R410A Reviews by People

Positive Reviews

As with any product, people respond differently to a product and its application. The interesting thing about the York R410A air con reviews is that there a good deal of people reporting excellent results from its use.

A verified purchaser of York R410A air con wrote this (543 people found this comment helpful):

Hello all, just bought this item, and here my review.

  1. Fast delivery by lazada team (lorry team, in 2 days )
  2. Install it tomorrow after the item received, and installer said this item are so good.
  3. Cheap aircond with multiple function, swing left and right, up and down.
  4. Saving energy mode. The aircond have healthy mode
  5. The remote aircond are like a touch screen. Cool! Love the remote.
  6. The indoor unit have a light, so tonight you can see the temperature light. Also if you enable the health airflow, a green light will show.
  7. The outdoor unit is silent. Cool !
  8. The aircond very suitable to my room, using 25 celcius and so cool.

Here are my sincere review about this product. I recommended it to be purchased !
Now my life a much better with York Aircond. Thanks Lazada and York !

Another York R410A buyer commented (84 people found this helpful):


Dapat beli pada harga RM719. Dgn free delivery saya beli 2 unit. Dalam masa 2 hari dah sampai.!
Selepas seminggu saya pasang., saya amat berpuas hati dengan prestasinya.
Bilik saya berkeluasan 12’x 12′ dan memang terasa kesejukannya. Hehe…
Design indoor yg menarik dgn lampu malam serta outdoor yang senyap..,
saya benar2 berterima kasih kepada Lazada dengan produk yang berkualiti.!

Buyer from East Coast Malaysia wrote:

Bought this product; sold n fulfilled by lazada for second time. Good condition and price still cheaper than retail store. Delivered by KTMD (took only 1 day to reach me)

Price during purchase:729
Installation fee:220 (east coast area)

Retail price+installation: 1300

So, i would prefer to buy it here through lazada than retail store.

Negative Reviews

There is some problems reported regarding the delivery of York R410A, especially if you are living in a smaller village or remote area.

Negative Yourk R410a reviews center around:

  • Tracking number not available and slower delivery for remote area

York R410A The Best Affordable Air Con?

Arguably yes, there is no better air conditioner than York Wall Split Air Conditioner with a reasonable price of only RM699. It has an excellent 4-speed fan rapid cooling system, less bulky design and silent operation with high efficiency.

YORK®(R410A) YSL3F10AAS/YWM3F10CAS 1.0HP Wall Split Air Conditioner

RM 699





Energy Saving





  • The unique technology creates comfort and cool air at home.
  • The healthy ionizer creates a clean air, ensuring a healthy air.
  • Its silent operation gives silence and peace all the time.
  • Four speed fans distribute cool air evenly to everyone in your family.
  • Self-cleaning, anti-mold, anti-bacteria.


  • Installation may require a professional.
  • Require installation fees
  • Regular maintenance requires special tools and well-trained professionals.
  • Slower delivery to remote area within Malaysia
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